Three Simple Steps to the Power of I AM

Gayle George is a creative econoisThe debut book from Jada Washington: single mama, writer, speaker, and activist. When Me Became Mom My life is not an open book, but I have been through a lot and caring for loved ones with mental illness.

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    When did me become mom? Has it always been the role of a woman to become mother? Will it always be that way? In this book, I explore the history of motherhood and look to the future to explore our roles.


    African-American mothers have a unique experience that needs to be acknowledged. This book addresses the particular issues, situations, and biases that affect our lives and our roles as mothers.

    S P A C E

    It's impossible to write about motherhood as an African-American woman without mentioning my own story. By sharing my journey, I hope to illustrate the realities of when me became mom for me.